Kerith Strano Taylor: Looking Forward

Dear Friends,

The 2014 campaign may seem a distant memory, but the issues we fought for then are as pressing as ever.  Benefits and treatment programs for veterans are still being cut while suicide rates continue to rise, women’s health services are still under threat, and working class families are still struggling to just get by.  The “do-nothingness” of our Congress is as frustrating as ever.

In 2014 we took a stand, all of us, together.  The campaign we ran was a learning experience.  We had some victories; we learned from our mistakes; but overall, we accomplished much together!

But 2014 is over… and 2016 is looming… It is time for us to be LOOKING FORWARD and to prepare ourselves for the struggle to come; and make no mistake – it will be a struggle.  The time has come and we need to get the conversation started again.  We can no longer rely on others to champion our beliefs, to protect the middle class, to secure the right of every citizen to affordable and comprehensive healthcare, to protect our children’s right to a quality public education, and to live free from the stress and fear of crippling debt.

Will you join me in LOOKING FORWARD? Will you join me in the fight to make sure that moneyed interests do not run away with our Democracy?  Will you join me in ensuring that our voices are heard, and reminding this “do-nothing” Congress that the American dream is not just for the wealthy?  We did not win in 2014 but together we did make a difference.  We must continue to build our coalition, and strengthen our mission, and not let the hard working people of Pennsylvania’s 5th District forget that we have already proven how much better it can actually be.

If we start now, we can do it better.  If we start now, we can increase the weight and gravity of our collective voices; we can make sure that those who hold and take advantage of the seats of power do not simply walk away with them.  So I invite you to join me in LOOKING FORWARD.  

Let us not leave behind all that we have already achieved; and to each and every one of you I say this… I’ll be talking with you soon!



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